A Lovely Update

It’s with great pleasure that we report good tidings. Our project ‘Footpaths To Wellbeing is going extremely well, and we could not be happier.

Since we received the National Lottery Community Fund there has been lots of things happening. Our well-being walks that target loneliness in the community, have been attended by an impressive 400 + participants, and this is growing. It just proves how effective our rinse and repeat strategy really is. We walk and talk EVERY Monday and it’s helping so many.

What Else?

Part of our success is down to recognising gaps and what we can do to effectively fill them. We noticed that there was a distinct lack of family engagement in our activities, so we put the feedback forms out. What came back was the view that our working lives have changed massively since the pandemic, and coupled with an increase in social media and the use of handheld technology, families have become somewhat fragmented. The traditional round the dinner table family gathering is not as common as it once was. Because of this, we worked on a project which would help to bring families together for a few hours each week. We have continued to work with local artist and historian Sarah Palmer from The House With The Blue Door to devise a series of water colours to accompany characterful walks that utilise our Lincolnshire Wolds.

Don’t Forget The Kids

As always we pride ourselves on educational nature based activities, and have once again partnered with James The Canoe River Cleaner who will be leading a series of wildlife experiences to delight our new generation of ecologists. These will be boroughwide to maximise reach. Now spring has sprung we cannot wait to get started.

We hope to see some of you soon. Don’t forget to check our socials for further info

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